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NSA/POAN Conference

2018 NSA/POAN Conference - September 30 - October 3, 2018 ~ Kearney, Nebraska
2019 NSA/POAN Conference - October 6 - October 9, 2019 ~ Kearney, Nebraska
2020 NSA/POAN Conference - October 4 - October 7, 2020 ~ Kearney, Nebraska


Project Harmony Training Opportunities


National Conference on Officer Wellness and Trauma

Location: Grapevine, TX
November 10-12, 2017

2016 Criminal Justic Legislation Summary provided by the NE Attorney General's Office
2016 Criminal Justice Legislation Summary


Traffic Stops in Nebraska - Report to the Governor and NE Legislature (released 09 2015)

Public Agency Training Council Training Opportunities


Geocell is pleased to announce newly developed course on cell phone and mobile device forensics. This course has been developed from the ground up to fill a distinct void in law enforcement training when it comes to training regarding mobile device forensics. The introduction to cell phone and mobile device forensics course has been developed by experienced criminal investigators and those with extensive experience working with computer forensics overall and cellular and mobile device forensics in specific.

This course is targeted at the every day investigator, prosecutor, analyst, and even management and patrol personnel. In this modern world, essentially every investigation involves mobile digital devices. Most commonly, these devices include cell phones, but also include ever-increasing numbers of tablet computers (i.e., iPads). It is imperative that ALL law enforcement personnel know key skills when dealing with these devices.

The course has the following key objectives:

What is digital forensics & why does it matter to law enforcement, including why it cannot be overlooked!,

What data is available on physical cellular and mobile devices themselves, how is the data extracted, & most importantly, how can the data may be used to enhance investigations & prosecutions, including liability reduction!

Detailed coverage of key considerations that ALL law enforcement personnel should know regarding the physical recovery, securing [leave on or off?, radio frequency (RF) isolation?, fingerprints, DNA?, etc.], transportation, & storage of cell phones & other mobile devices such as tablets (i.e., iPads), laptops, & GPS devices.

Important legal considerations for the seizing & searching of devices,

What methods are available for properly securing & extracting data, including important manpower, financial, training, & practical considerations such as examination times, analysis times, data carvings, etc.,

Introduction to what records & data are available from the cell phone companies (including CDRs/geographic cell site/sector/ranging data, etc.), &, what surveillance options are possible with wireless devices, &,

Introduction to digital forensic reporting & analysis, courtroom presentation considerations, &, the future.

Geocell has secured an outstanding law enforcement veteran and computer and cell phone forensic expert. Michael Harrington will be the primary instructor for this newly developed course. As a former Michigan State Police Detective Sergeant, Mike brings years of experience not just in investigations and forensics, but also in training. Geocell is very pleased to be working with Mike on these courses.

Please check the website for future training opportunities:

Please contact Geocell at if you are interested in hosting and/or hiring a course!

Geocell can also bring hands-on training to on-site locations throughout the country. Geocell has invested in a networked 48 laptop computer mobile computer lab that can allow for very specialized hands-on training with minimal resources needed by the hosting/hiring agency.


AWR 208 ~ W Crisis Management in a Rural School ~ RDPC Free Webcast Training
View information and register at the following link:


IED Response on Mass Transit and Passenger Rail Systems course (DOD-007-RESP)
We are writing to let you know that there are spaces available in our upcoming IED Response on Mass Transit and Passenger Rail Systems course (DOD-007-RESP in the FEMA Federal Catalog). See the schedule below for class dates. Several other dates have also been added to our Training Calendar; including A WMD Event: Freight Rail Hazardous Materials Incident Response Involving Mass Transit and Passenger Rail Systems (DOD-008-RESP) pilot course. You may view information at the following webpage:

For Special Date Requests contact: Miranda Jackson at

Our courses are all FEMA approved in the federal catalogue for SAA funding and the only course that qualifies for DHS training grant money.


Eyewitness ID Training Videos

Conducting a Photo Lineup Instructional Video
Conducting a Live Lineup Instructional Video
Folder Shuffle Instructional Video
60 Minutes “What Jennifer Saw” Part I
Additional Training Materials

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