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Forensic Evidence training - December 7-11, 2008 in San Francisco, California

Investigating, analyzing, preparing cases for charging, and working with prosecutors and other allied professionals to ensure that scientific evidence is collected, evaluated and presented in the most efficient and effective manner is an admirable goal for all those who work daily with this evidence.  Unfortunately, as you know working with cases that contain a variety of scientific evidence has become a real challenge for those in the criminal justice community and those allied professionals most interested in the ethical analysis and presentation of the evidence.

The print, internet and television media offer 24 hour access to what has become conflicting information for prospective triers of the fact.  Knowledge of unique legal issues, familiarity with cutting edge technology and accurate information of the forensic resources available are all essential. The Forensic Evidence course provides an opportunity for all allied professionals who are working with these cases in the best interest of justice to come together, brainstorm issues and discuss workable, practical solutions to more effectively manage and present these cases. 

Come join prosecutors, law enforcement officers and other forensic evidence professionals from across the country as we discuss the issues facing all of you in effectively investigating and working collaboratively on these cases.

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