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USMC Organizational license plates



POAN members,

The Lincoln Chapter of the Marine Corps League, Cornhusker Detachment #370, has initiating efforts to commemorate Nebraska Marine Veterans with an Organizational type license plate. One of the requirements is that the primary application be submitted with an order for 500 plates. The cost is $70 per plate for a total of $35,000. We have begun the process and as part of that process we would like to identify as many Veteran Marines as possible to expedite our efforts with the goal of having the plates available in 2011. Therefore the request goes out to all Nebraska Police Officers to get the word out not only to fellow Officers that served in the Marine Corps but also include Marine Veterans living and working in your communities. You know who they are, they usually have at least one Marine Sticker on their vehicle or fly the Marine Flag. If you want your plate or know someone that does please contact me directly. NOTE: Applications may be for more than one vehicle. Detailed information can be found at: >


Specific questions can be sent to me by the following methods:

John L. Faz 2444 SW 16th St. Lincoln, NE 68522

402-429-9536 cell


We are still working out the details so if you wish to get continuous update, request it and I will add you to the email list.


Thank you,


GySgt(R) Faz, John L. Commandant Lincoln Airport Police Dept. Officer #622


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