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2006 National Conference on Law Enforcement Diversity Recruiting - February 16 th and 17 th in Arlington , VA.

Dear Law Enforcement Colleague,

The role of diversity management in law enforcement is more important today than ever.

You are responsible for recruiting and selecting the best and brightest for your agencies, retaining a varied and specialized workforce, and molding diverse members of your agency into a cohesive unit who are all committed to the pursuit of public safety.

Failure to develop and implement an effective diversity recruiting program can result in the loss of qualified candidates, inadequate staffing, and legal liability. To ensure that you are up-to-date on the latest information and methods of selection, recruitment, innovative staff development, and training, I invite you to attend our 2006 National Conference on Law Enforcement Diversity Recruiting , February 16 th and 17 th in Arlington , VA.

Improve Workforce Diversity through Specialized Recruitment, Selection and Career Development Programs

The economic environment has increased the applicant pool and has challenged HR professionals to be more precise in their hiring practices. In order to maintain departmental performance, you must utilize the latest methods and strategies to recruit, select, and develop a diverse yet dedicated and service-oriented workforce. This conference demonstrates how to initiate and successfully implement best practices to improve departmental diversity and performance.

Reduce Legal Liabilities and Penalties with New Diversity Management

This program features tested tactics for recruiting minorities and women, as well as effective hiring and selection methods. Is your agency fully staffed and equipped with an integrated marketing and diversity recruitment program? Informative strategy sessions led by nationally-recognized experts will arm you and your HR professionals with a toolkit for contacting, selecting, training, and retaining the best candidates for the job.

Integrate Diversity Strategies for 21 st Century Community Policing

Reaching out to a diverse applicant pool is an essential component of diversity hiring and management. At the National Conference on Law Enforcement Diversity Recruiting, you will hear from representatives from some of the nation's leading organizations for diversity in law enforcement recruiting and service.

I look forwarding to seeing you this February in Arlington , VA where we will join law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local levels and learn the best practices in recruitment, selection and hiring a diverse workforce. Space will be limited for this event, so be sure to contact us right away. Register yourself and your agency by calling 703-894-0481, or visiting us on-line at


Benjamin M. Brunjes

Director, Law Enforcement Development Center


Who Should Attend?

Police Chiefs

Deputy Chiefs

Human Resource Directors


Grants Administrators

Administrative Staff

Strategic Planners

Training Personnel

Professional Standards Staff

Sheriffs Offices

Law Enforcement Managers

…and anyone involved in human resources for law enforcement


5 Key Reasons to Attend:

  • Acquire the Latest Methods for Recruitment, Selection and Hiring
  • Develop a Dedicated and Diverse Law Enforcement Workforce
  • Unitize Diversity Management to Minimize Legal Liability
  • Attract Candidates from Untapped Sources the Represent Your Community
  • Construct a Proactive Diversity Hiring Plan that Works in Any City


Top Call out letter page: Apply Proven Methods and Strategies to Ensure a Dedicated & Diverse Workforce


Bubble Call out by signature: Hear Best Practices form Diversity Experts Across Law Enforcement


Bottom Call out letter page: Optimize the Recruitment, Selection and Retention of Your Agency's Law Enforcement Personnel




8:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast


8:30 Keynote: Legal Aspects of Diversity Hiring Practices

The legal landscape of diversity hiring and retention is an ever-changing area of human resources. Court decisions and federal mandates can create a maze of pitfalls and requirements that can be difficult to negotiate. This session will provide a civil rights perspective designed to bring into focus the status of diversity hiring for law enforcement agencies.


Sam Walker, Department of Criminal Justice, University of Nebraska at Omaha


9:30 Framework for Designing and Managing a Successful Diversity Recruitment Plan and Selection Process

•  Examine and improve current personality and assessment methods

•  Explore the pros and cons of various tactics, such as structured panel interviews and their addition into the application process

•  Ensure your agency's selection process promotes quality and diverse applicants

Edmundo Valdes, Commander, Personnel Management Bureau, Miami-Dade Police Department


10:30 Break and Refreshments


10:45 Selection and Implementation: Choosing the “Right” Selection Tool for Your Agency

•  Build your selection on the five fundamental principles

•  Discover the five main challenges faced by law enforcement in selection and develop steps to overcome these hurdles

•  Promote ethics in your selection process to reduce liability concerns

Edmundo Valdes, Commander, Personnel Management Bureau, Miami-Dade Police Department


12:00 Networking Luncheon


1:00 Strategies for Recruiting African American Candidates

•  Examine recruitment methods designed to make African Americans feel welcome within the law enforcement community

•  Implement strategies to combat pitfalls and obstacles in hiring policy and the selection processes

•  Learn how to successfully implement an effective plan to ensure the promotion of minorities to leadership roles

Brenda Smith, Deputy Chief, Omaha Police Department



2:00 Strategies for Recruiting Hispanic Candidates

•  Examine recruitment methods designed to make candidates of Latino descent feel welcome within the law enforcement community

•  Implement strategies to combat pitfalls and obstacles in hiring policy and the selection processes

•  Learn how to successfully implement a multi-language recruitment drive

Anthony Miranda, Executive Chairman, National Latino Officers Association of America *


3:15 Break and Refreshments


3:30 Case Study: Sacramento Police Department

•  Evaluate and enhance the recruiting, testing and hiring practices for police officers

•  Increase diversity, involve the community, and select candidates who possess the traits to become good community-oriented police officers.

•  Learn from diversity recruitment pioneers to implement best practices

Captain Kevin Johnson, Sacramento Police Department


4:30 Adjourn




8:30 Recruiting Veterans

•  Market your agency to military recruits with positive comparisons

•  Create and maintain contact with prospective recruits while they are still in service

•  Benefit from training and discipline provided by military service

Cortez Puryear, Assistant Director, US Army Career and Alumni Program


9:30 Strategies for Recruiting Women

•  Collaborate on cutting-edge recruiting strategies for targeting women in your community

•  Overcome obstacles in policy and selection processes

•  Identify effective retention and development procedures to propel women into leadership roles.

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Cindy Shain, Deputy Director of Programs, Justice & Safety Center, College of Justice & Safety, Eastern Kentucky University


10:30 Break and Refreshments


10:45 Looking Beyond Color: Identifying and Recruiting True Diversity

•  Use diverse backgrounds and experiences to create a dynamic office culture

•  Reach beyond filling quotas and find the best candidates

•  Fill your agency and support mission initiatives with the high-quality dedicated staff your organization needs

Sgt. (Ret.) Jeff Church, Founder and Principal, Be a Cop Inc.

12:00 Networking Luncheon


1:00 Application Workshop: Designing and Implementing a Successful Recruitment Marketing Plan

This workshop will provide you with all the tools that are necessary to
design a marketing plan that will attract the most qualified applicants
while simultaneously satisfying your agencies diversity goals.   Harness
successful marketing principles so you can penetrate and communicate
with minority dense populations.

This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to compare your
marketing strategies and plans against those of other agencies.  All
attendees will be asked to bring samples of their agency's promotional
and recruiting materials.

•  Ensure your marketing activities are tailored to fit your
specific agency diversity needs

•  Study recruitment methods including advertising campaigns,
career fairs and successful community initiatives

•  Utilize your agency mission as an effective recruitment and
retention tool

•  Learn how to conduct a successful online recruitment advertising
campaign and identify what makes an employee website effective

Captain John C. Mills (Ret.), Louisville Police Department

4:00 Adjourn


“By focusing on diversity management and looking for more ways to be truly inclusive, leading organizations have recognized that diversity can contribute to the achievement of improved individual and organizational performance. Diversity management makes good business sense that enhances productivity and innovation.”


United States Government Accountability Office (GAO), January 2005

Diversity Management : Expert-Identified Leading Practices and Agency Examples



Top Page Callout: Fortify Your Recruitment Plan with Best Practices from Across the Country


Additional Call Out: Is Your Agency Diverse?


Bring This Program In-House

The Performance Institute offers customized one-, two- and three-day education program s t o federal and state agencie s t hat wish to train staff members in their own facility. In-house training provides a curriculum tailored specifically to your office, program or agency in a cost-efficient way. Using the Logic Model and other cutting-edge tools and strategies, our experts will work with you to produce a diversity recruitment plan that creates practical, efficient performance measures every step of the way. If you'd like, your existing diversity recruitment plans can be analyzed and built upon during the training. For more information about the in-house training options available to you, please call Art Staddon at 703-894-0481 or e-mail him at



* Indicates Invited Speaker



The National Conference for Law Enforcement Diversity Recruiting will be held will be held at the Performance Institute, in Arlington , VA.



The Performance Institute

1515 North Courthouse Rd. Suite 600

Arlington, VA 22201



A limited number of rooms have been reserved at a discounted rate of $XXX at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge , located just blocks from the Performance Institute. Please mention Performance Institute to guarantee this rate and ask to be put in the main tower, which has been recently renovated.


Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge
Telephone: 703-807-2000
Fax: 703-522-8864


The tuition rate for the National Conference for Law Enforcement Diversity Recruiting is:


Conference and Workshop $695


Group Discount

For information about group tuition discounts available, please contact Art Staddon at 703-894-0481 or via e-mail at


Administrative Note: A 10% cancellation fee on registration will be charged for cancellations received les s t han three weeks from the date of the conference. As speakers are confirmed six months before the event, some speaker changes or topic changes may occur in the program. The Performance Institute is not responsible for speaker changes, but will work to ensure a comparable speaker is located to participate in the program.


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