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Homeland Security Management Series

Performance Institute Unveils the Homeland Security Management Series

Today, there is no choice but to manage for success in homeland security. First Responder Leaders must get prevention and response right every time. Prepare yourself for the challenges your jurisdiction will face when the unexpected happens. Train and prepare your first responder forces on the latest in incident command tactics. Attend the Homeland Security Management Series to discover best in class management practices to protect your community.

Nationwide creation of homeland security managers

Across the nation, first response organizations like yours are forming new offices dedicated to homeland security and emergency preparedness. Unfortunately, very little training is available to help you achieve your mission as a Homeland Security Manager. Recent tragedies demonstrate that managerial training has never been more important. Maximize your capabilities as a Homeland Security Manager through performance-based management training and the study of nationwide best practices.

Establish an effective workforce training and assessment program

The safety of your community depends on the ability of your workforce to respond to all disasters that may occur. As the First Responder Leaders, it is your responsibility to design and implement effective training programs that prepare your agency for a coordinated response effort. Work with national experts to devise a system of exercises and assessments to ensure that your organization is prepared to serve your community.

Maximize your resources to meet vital needs

Security costs money. From training and staffing to equipment, emergency preparedness requires a consistent funding stream. Discover the newest innovations to reduce costs in resource acquisition and training. Target your resources on critical areas of need. Develop accounting and budget practices that will enable your jurisdiction to demonstrate results with its investments to city and state governments.

Develop dialogue and partnerships with the private sector and other first responder agencies

During a critical incident, it is exceedingly important for you to have the ability to gather and share information in real time with both private and public entities. Bureaucratic rivalries and security barriers present a major obstacle. Determine the appropriate information structure for your jurisdiction, and the proper methods for making that information compatible with other networks. Enlist the help of capable and effective private contractors in your community to improve results. As Homeland Security Manager it is your job to break down communication barriers before disaster strikes.

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