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Help fellow law enforcement officers in LA and the gulf coast

Dear Brother and Sister:

I have just completed a presidents meeting in Las Vegas. I have some updates on our Brothers and Sisters in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. First of all for now they have enough equipment and supplies for the time being they have no more room to store things.  The National FOP has command posts set up in all three states to make sure that our brothers and sisters are being taken care of and have what they and their families may need.

The last estimate is 1,000 police officers are without homes, that
means their homes are gone. Countless more of them have damaged homes. GALLS Police Supplies has donated 15,000 sets of BDU to the FOP who in turn are making sure the Police officers get what they need to do their jobs.. We are bypassing FEMA on a lot of these itmes.

As far as money goes the best way to donate money is to donate it to
the National FOP Foundation.  It is tax deductable and we make sure it gets to the families of POlice Officers, that need our help.  The
Nebraska FOP hopefully will be donating $10,000. If it is approved at the upcoming board meeting.  If any local lodges want to donate PLEASE PLEASE send it in to the State Lodge FOP and we will make sure it gets to the Foundation.  The members of the foundation would like to have it this way to cut down on the  amount of mail they will get. I have heard some stories of acts of bravery by our fellow officers in those three states.  It makes me proud to be a law Enforcement Officer and a member of the  FOP.

AAfter things have settled down a bit in that area.  The National
Sheriffs Association and the IACP have asked Presidnet Canturbury to lead a delegation to the President's Oval office and talk about the lack of response by ALL agencies concerned, from the local, state,and federal.

The National FOP also will be keep track of the needs of the officers
and their families in the area.  They will keep us posted as to what
will be needed and when it will be needed.  Right now the people in the area don't want to be over whelmed with people and supplies.
Again lets show the families of our fellow officers what Nebraska's Law Enforcment Officers can do.

If you have friend in the POAN and the NSA advise them of this message about the money. IF they want to donate money and make sure it gets to the families of Police Officers in need get it to the FOP Foundation and they will make sure it gets to those in need.

Fraternally Yours
Steve Grabowski, President
Nebraska State FOP Lodge


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