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PCAN Positions of Legislative Bills January 27, 2005
Submitted by Chief Larry Thoren

Support (+) (POAN also supports except LB 713)

+ LB 24 (Erdman, Combs, Flood) Require drivers to use caution near parked emergency vehicles

+ LB 43 (Redfield) Provide immunity for employers for disclosure of certain employment information

+ LB 57 (Foley) Adopt provisions relating to assault of or serious bodily injury to an unborn child

+ LB 72 (Stuhr, Aguilar) Adopt the Security Personnel Licensing Act

+ LB 81 (Baker) Authorize issuance of undercover plates and driver's licenses to federal agencies

+ LB 100 (Stuhr, Cornett, Friend) Change the definition of police animals under the Nebraska Criminal Code

+ LB 106 (Byars, Aguilar, Baker, et al.) Require all occupants in motor vehicles to wear occupant protection systems

+ LB 108 (Friend) Change provisions relating to possession of alcohol by a minor

+ LB 115 (Friend, Cornett) Change revocation and suspension procedures for law enforcement certificates

+ LB 117 (Bourne, Aguilar, Price, et al. at the request of the Governor) Change penalties for certain drug offenses and provisions relating to ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine

+ LB 123 (Friend, Redfield, Schrock) Change provisions relating to convictions set aside and sex offender registration

+ LB 143 (Price, Aguilar, Beutler, et al.) Authorize fingerprints and DNA samples of convicted felons

+ LB 148 (Aguilar, Bourne, Howard, et al.) Redefine child abuse to include placing children near methamphetamine production activities

+ LB 152 (Hudkins) Define innocent third party for purposes of vehicular pursuit

+ LB 168 (Landis) Change witness fees provisions for public employees

+ LB 179 (Kruse, Aguilar, Burling, et al.) Redefine child abuse to include driving under the influence with a minor child passenger

+ LB 200 (Friend, Hudkins, Redfield) Eliminate the strict liability requirement for pursuits by law enforcement officers

+ LB 251 (Baker) Change provisions relating to towing and liens

+ LB 260 (Stuhr, Beutler, Brown, et al.) Create the Task Force on Trafficking in Persons

+ LB 280 (Thompson) Provide additional abuse and neglect reporting requirements

+ LB 282 (Redfield, Combs, Cunningham, et al.) Authorize the aggregation of amounts for classifying certain forgery offenses

+ LB 292 (Bourne) Provide for consent to service of search warrants by foreign corporations

+ LB 294 (Flood, Redfield, Thompson) Change provisions relating to identity theft and create the identity theft passport program

+ LB 341 (Baker) Change provisions of the Enhanced Wireless 911 Fund

+ LB 360 (Bourne) Change provisions relating to the crime of burglary

+ LB 363 (Bourne) Change penalty provisions for criminal attempt

+ LB 377 (Kruse, Brown, Burling, et al.) Change provisions relating to assault

+ LB 385 (Johnson) Rename and change provisions of the DNA Detection of Sexual and Violent Offenders Act to apply to missing persons

+ LB 393 (Smith) Prohibit acts relating to electronic mail

+ LB 403 (Friend, Synowiecki) Provide a penalty for committing motor vehicle homicide during a period of operator's license suspension or revocation

+ LB 429 (Speaker Brashear, at the request of the Governor) Increase a court fee and extend the Law Enforcement Improvement Fund

+ LB 452 (Urban Affairs Committee) Change city code violation citation procedures

+ LB 458 (Baker) Change a wireless telecommunication carrier surcharge

+ LB 481 (Aguilar, McDonald, Pahls, et al.) Change provisions relating to ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine

+ LB 506 (Erdman, Baker, Burling, et al. at the request of the Governor) Change the mode of inflicting the death penalty

+ LB 510 (Combs, Burling, Cunningham, et al.) Provide for immunity relating to employment references

+ LB 527 (Connealy, Cornett, Howard, et al.) Adopt the In the Line of Duty Dependent Education Act

+ LB 535 (Synowiecki) Change provisions relating to assault in the third degree and domestic assault in the third degree

+ LB 567 (Beutler, Burling) Adopt the Sex Offender Monitoring Act

+ LB 632 (Pahls) Create offenses relating to unlawful possession of a firearm

+ LB 670 (Landis) Prohibit acts relating to computers and electronic mail

+ LB 710 (Erdman) Change provisions relating to retirement systems for police in cities of the first class

+ LB 711 (Erdman) Provide a retirement benefit for law enforcement officers in certain cities

+ LB 713 (Thompson) Change provisions relating to evidentiary procedure, statutes of limitations, and reporting requirements relating to sexual assault (POAN is Neutral)

+ LR 22CA (Brashear) Constitutional amendment to change distribution of certain forfeited or seized money


Opposed (-) (POAN also supports except LB 64 & LB 538)

- LB 63 (Mines) Provide for one license plate and In Transit decal per vehicle

•  LB 64 (Synowiecki, Cornett) Adopt the Peace Officer Employer-Employee Relations Act

(POAN is Neutral

- LB 69 (Smith, Baker) Eliminate motorcycle helmet provisions

- LB 70 (Smith, Baker) Change and eliminate provisions relating to motorcycle safety and helmets

- LB 80 (Baker) Eliminate a school bus speed restriction and change provisions relating to lights on motor-driven cycles

- LB 112 (Bourne) Require electronic recording of custodial interrogations

- LB 127 (Cunningham, Burling, Combs, et al.) Authorize the reporting of school bus safety violations as prescribed

- LB 128 (Hudkins) Create the offense of interference with child visitation

- LB 343 (Baker) Change and eliminate provisions of the Nebraska Public Safety Wireless Communication System Act

- LB 354 (Preister) Provide a service fee for employees who are not members of certain labor unions

- LB 430 (Cornett) Change permissible hours of retail sales of alcoholic liquor

- LB 454 (Combs, Aguilar, Baker, et al.) Adopt the Concealed Handgun Permit Act

- LB 538 (Brashear) Change provisions relating to drug offenses, probation, parole, and work camps (POAN is Neutral

- LB 715 (Wehrbein) Change provisions of the Nebraska Public Safety Wireless Communication System Act and eliminate the advisory board

- LB 726 (Stuthman, Cornett) Change emergency protective custody provisions under the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act

- LB 755 (Chambers) Prohibit taking of a DNA sample by law enforcement without probable cause

- LB 757 (Chambers, Dw. Pedersen) Change provisions relating to the supervision and assignment of appointed deputy state sheriffs

- LB 760 (Chambers) Change the death penalty to life imprisonment without possibility of parole

Neutral (") (POAN positions listed below)

" LB 7 (Dw. Pedersen) Permit municipalities to allow pedestrians to solicit on roadways as prescribed

(POAN Opposed)

" LB 181 (Schimek, Aguilar, Byars, et al.) Change penalties for leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle (POAN Supports)

" LB 464 (Heidemann, Aguilar, Beutler, et al.) Change provisions relating to civil protective custody

(POAN Supports)

" LB 592 (Kruse, Aguilar, Baker, et al.) Adopt the Alcoholic Liquor Liability Act (POAN Supports)

" LB 724 (Stuthman, Cornett, Friend, et al.) Provide for a pilot project for child abuse and neglect investigations (POAN Opposes)


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