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Quilt Patch Request on behalf of the Memorial Project

Greetings from the Nebraska Law Enforcement Memorial Office -

This memo is to request that you contribute a patch from your agency/department to be included in a very special quilt to benefit the Nebraska Law Enforcement Memorial Project. A Grand Island quilting club has kindly offered to create a quilt using law enforcement patches from across the state. The goal will be to either auction off the quilt or have some other type of fundraising activity. All proceeds will go to help build the Nebraska Law Enforcement Memorial at the Law Enforcement Training Center and State Patrol Academy in Grand Island.

In order to have statewide representation from many law enforcement agencies, we are asking you to please mail in a patch by May 1st, 2005, to the following address:

Doris Butcher

P.O. Box 297

Grand Island, NE 68802

This Memorial will honor the 128 law enforcement individuals from 42 counties who have died while serving, as well as the men and women who continue to serve Nebraska every day. We understand these patches are likely purchased by your department, and thank you for contributing one to be included in this special quilt.

If you have any questions, please call Karen at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Memorial Office in Lincoln at 402-477-1538 or email:


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