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July 31, 2008  

MEMBERS PRESENT: Kurt Bottorff, Rick Carmichael, Jim Peschong, Andy Backman, Don Dreyer, Kim Christensen, Andrea Towler and Bill Larsen.


MEMBERS ABSENT: Bruce Felty, Ike Brown and Jeff Elliott.


President Bottorff called the meeting to order at 1230 hours.


MINUTES: Minutes from the April 3, 2008 meeting were presented. Motion by Jim Peschong to approve the minutes. Second provided by Rick Carmichael. Motion approved by voice vote..


TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer's report was presented. Motion by Jim Peschong to accept the report. Second provided by Rick Carmichael. Motion was approved by voice vote..



•  Retirement committee: Don Dreyer, Jim Peschong, Kim Christensen and Andy Backman. The lobbyist for the FOP has changed firms, unknown as to any future assistance from him. It appears there is an issue with all organizations being on the same page. Nothing to report regarding the Retirement Task Force. Discussion occurred regarding POAN's lobbyist. Jim Peschong made a motion to accept Cutshall & Nowaka's offer to provide their services for the same price as last year, $11,000.00 plus the registration fee of $200.00, for the 2009 Legislative session. Motion was also to instruct Trent Nowaka to take a more active role in pursuing retirement legislation. Motion was seconded by Andrea Towler. Motion was approved by voice vote.



•  Award update: Jim Peschong reported the following results for POAN's awards at the Conference:

•  Officer of the Year: Sgt. Michael Bassett, LPD.

•  Hall of Fame: Lt. Col. Darrell Fisher, NSP.

3. Essay contest: Andrea Towler reported that all awards have been distributed.

4. Membership Update: Jim Peschong reported that the effort to give free memberships to agencies has resulted with 90 new memberships for the current year.

5. Fund raiser: Kurt Bottorff and Jim Peschong reported that there have been several inquiries regarding our fund raising. These inquiries have resulted in determining there have been two vendors soliciting funds—Daycomm, and the new owner, and Xentel, who was contacted by the former owner of Daycomm. These issues have been resolved and only Daycomm is now soliciting. Other issues regarding complaints have been resolved. There has been no disruption in payments to POAN.

6. Clipping service: Discussion occurred regarding the clipping service and whether that was something we needed to continue. Further discussion will occur during the October 12 Board meeting.



•  State Fair: Kim Christensen reported that nothing has changed. Things are proceeding for this year's Fair. Nothing new is known about the fate of the NSA's building.

•  President Bottorff presented some information regarding a newspaper from NSA.

•  Law Enforcement Memorial day: Don Dreyer reported on the service at the Training Center.

•  Nebraska Law Enforcement Memorial(NLEM): Bill Larsen updated the Board on the status of the Memorial. A ground breaking ceremony was held and construction has started.

•  Conference Update: President Bottorff updated members regarding the conference. The Board meeting on Sunday will be at 1700. The Annual Business meeting will be on Monday at 1530 and the new Board will meet at 0730 on Wednesday.

•  Special Olympics: Bill Larsen reported on the Torch Run arrival ceremony in Lincoln.

•  Jail Standards Advisory Committee: President Bottorff advised he was exploring some options for this appointment.

•  Copier: Michelle has indicated there are some issues with the current copier. Expense to repair are more than the price to purchase an new copier. Michelle presented several options to the Board. Jim Peschong made a motion to approve the purchase of a HP 7280 copier/printer/fax machine. Rick Carmichael provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

•  International Footprinter's Association: A letter was received from this organization requesting POAN to purchase an advertisement in a publication for their Conference, which will be in Lincoln in 2009. Jim Peschong made a motion to purchase a ¼ page ad with our logo. Rick Carmichael provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

President Bottorff asked for any other business, or anything for the good of the order. Nothing was presented.

Andrea Towler made a motion to adjourn. Rick Carmichael provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.


Meeting was adjourned at 1430.

Respectfully submitted,



William H. Larsen



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