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JULY 27, 2006

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mike Swain, Rick Carmichael, Kurt Bottorff, Bruce Felty, Ike Brown, Andy Backman, Ed Burmood, Kim Christiansen, Andrea Towler and Bill Larsen.


President Swain called the meeting to order at 1105 hours.

MINUTES: Rick Carmichael made a motion to approve the minutes from the April 27, 2006 meeting. Andy Backman provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer's report was presented. Ike Brown made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report. Rick Carmichael provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.


A. State Fair Report—Kim Christiansen reports that planning is progressing. He indicated that the dates would be from August 25 through September 4.He inquired as to what expenses would be covered and was informed that mileage and a per diem based upon the Federal Conus Rates would be reimbursed.

B. Retirement Bill—Kim and Andy reported that they had received a draft of a new bill, which was 65 pages long. They indicated this would be a defined benefit plan. They indicated copies would be made available as the final draft approaches, hopefully at the Board meeting at the Annual Conference. They indicated that a John Frankavila(sp?) was elected the new State FOP President, and that Mark Overman was their representative on the Pension committee.

C. POAN/NSA/PCAN Boards—President Swain indicates that he has been approached by the President of PCAN with an inquiry about each of the above mentioned Boards having an ad hoc member on the other Boards who would be a non voting participant. Discussion on this item occurred. General consensus was that this probably would help communication between the organizations. It was also felt that this should be discussed further, but that it appeared this could be accomplished without needing a change to the Constitution and By-Laws.

D. Daycom Update—President Swain reported that he had been contacted by Mike Day regarding the fundraising. Mike Day reported they had lost a lot of money on the concert in Kearney . Mike Day was requesting that POAN allow him to contract out the show promotions to a company called Xintel, Inc. Mike reported he would continue to honor the current agreement. (Later discussion with Mike Swain, Jim Peschong, Bruce Felty, Mike Day and a representative of Xintel resulted in an agreement to allow this to occur.)

E. POAN Scholarships—Kim Christiansen had inquired about extending the time period for the scholarship to be used. Discussion indicted that the intent was to make the scholarship available to be used prior to the next conference, which later was changed to indicate the end of POAN's fiscal year, which runs from October 1 through September 30. There were no changes made to this time period.

F. Annual Conference—President Swain reports that plans are progressing. A conflict has occurred as the Nebraska LEIN program has scheduled their conference during the same time period. Mike reported that the POAN Board meeting would be scheduled for 1600 hours on Sunday, September 24. This should enable anyone taking advantage of Union Pacific's train ride to arrive in North Platte . President Swain indicated that in the past POAN has contributed $500.00 for door prizes and $300.00 for prizes in the golf tournament. Bruce Felty made a motion to continue these donations. Andrea Towler provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

G. Awards Committee—Kurt Bottorff reported that nominations had been received for Hall of Fame and Officer of the Year. A selection was made for both awards—this will be reported at the Annual Conference.



President Swain inquired about any new business. Nothing was presented.

President Swain then asked if anyone had anything else to discuss, or anything for the good of the order. Nothing was presented.

Ike Brown made a motion to adjourn. Andy Backman provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

Meeting was adjourned at 1230 hours.

Respectfully submitted,

William H. Larsen



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