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OCTOBER 28, 2012


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Kim Christensen, Andy Backman, Jeff Elliott, Ike Brown, Andrea Towler, Jim Peschong, Brian Jackson, Rich Hoaglund, Bill Larsen and Bruce Felty.

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Kurt Bottorff and Herb Evers.

President Christensen called the meeting to order at 1600 hours.

MINUTES:  Minutes from the July 18, 2012 meeting were presented.  Andrea Towler made a motion to approve.  Rich Hoaglund provided a second.  Motion was approved by voice vote.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer’s report was presented.  Andrea Towler made a motion to approve the report.  Jim Peschong provided a second.  Motion was approved by voice vote.


  1.  Legislative:  Nothing to report.
  2. Membership:  Brian Jackson brought up for discussion about approaching the Omaha PD about posting information/application in the FOP paper.
  3. Website:  Nothing new to report.
  4. Conference:  Kim Christensen reports things are in place.  Did inquire about the Board elections for the Business meeting.  Positions up for election are 2nd Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Andrea Towler’s and Ike Brown’s seats on the Board.
  5. Awards:  Everything is ready for the presentations.  Winners are:
    1. Hall of Fame:  Ret. Dep. Chief Dwight Livingston, North Platte PD.
    2. Past President:  Chief Jeff Elliott, Fremont PD
    3. President’s Award:  Carolyn Christensen
    4. Officer of the Year:  Officer Troy Liebe and Officer Christopher Rock, Omaha PD.

OLD BUSINESS:  Nothing was presented.


  1. Corporate Sponsorships:  Andy Backman brought up for discussion the possibility of having Corporate Sponsors for items related to conference expenses such as speakers and registration gifts, etc.
  2. Training:  Bill Larsen presented information regarding an organization looking for Agencies/Location to conduct training.
  3. Board Members:  It was brought up for discussion the possibility of limiting the number of Board Members from one agency. 

President Christensen asked for any other business, or anything for the good of the order.  Nothing was presented.
Andrea Towler made a motion to adjourn.  Ike Brown provided a second.  Motion was approved by voice vote
Meeting was adjourned at 1`650 hours.

Respectfully submitted:

William H. Larsen


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