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OCTOBER 7, 2015

PRESENT: Mark Hogue, Rich Hoaglund, Ike Brown, Ryan Dummer, Shane Wimer, Steve Scott, Jim Peschong, Brandon Lorenson, Brian Jackson, Bill Larsen and Bruce Felty.


1. Call to Order: President Hogue called the meeting to order at 1220 hours.

2. Approval of Minutes: No minutes were available to approve.

3. Secretary/Treasurer report: No new Treasurer's report was presented.

6. Old Business:
1. Membership: information was presented regarding offering door prizes for most new members recruited during the next year.

2. Fundraising ideas: discussion occurred regarding sponsorships and reviewing Constitution and Bylaws.

7. New Business:
1. Welcome to new Board Members: President Hogue welcomed the new Board Members aboard.

2. President Hogue mentioned for all Board Members to review Bios for the website and for new members to get information to Michelle so she can update the website.

3. Committee Assignments will be made later and distributed to Board Members.

4. 2015 Conference wrap-up. President Hogue indicated there would be a new Conference Planner for next year. And Thanked Rich Hoaglund for his work during the past year.

5. Legislative Issues: Jim Peschong mentioned that all members need to reach out to their State Senators and develop relationships with them. The Attorney General will work on talking points for key issues. Some issues sure to be in the Legislature will be: Pursuits and Third Party Liability; Issues regarding introduction of contraband to Jails; Drug and Gun Offenses; EPC'a related to Firearms; Asset Forfeiture; Drug/Prescription Monitoring; 24-7 Alcohol Monitoring; Funding of the Fusion Center; Consumer Fraud.

6. Membership Dues: Brian Jackson made a motion to leave the dues at $15.00. Rich Hoaglund provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

7. Death Benefits: Ike Brown made a motion to keep Death Benefits the same as for 2014-2015. Ryan Dummer provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

8. Reserve Officer Issue: Discussion involved looking at impending changes and evaluating whether, or not, it is worth keeping the program.

President Hogue asked for any other new business, or anything else for the good of the order. Nothing was presented.

Next meeting will be January, 2016, probably in Lincoln.

Rich Hoaglund made a motion to adjourn. Shane Wimer provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

Meeting was adjourned at 1305 hours.

Respectfully submitted:

William H. Larsen



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