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7-15-15 1100 HR

The POAN Board of Directors met on Thursday, 7-15-15, at 1100 hr. at NLETC/Library. Board members present were: Brian Jackson, Mark Hogue, Shane Wimer, Ryan Dummer, Ike Brown and Rich Hoaglund.

Members absent were Jim Peschong, Angela Morehouse, John Headid, Steve Scott, Bruce Felty and OBVIOUSLY Bill Larsen.

The meeting was called to order at approx. 1123 hr. Rich Hoaglund provided all members present with a copy of the April 22, 2015 minutes and Brian Jackson brought up copies of the financial reports from Bill Larsen for the past year up until 6/30/15. After review, Mark Hogue made a motion to accept the minutes as “read”, 2nd from Brian Jackson, no discussion and the vote was unanimous to pass the minutes as read.

Old Business:
Latest information on the NSA/POAN Conference was presented to the group.
We are still awaiting a finalized schedule for the conference.
The spouse program is set up to begin on Monday with a tour of the winery in Ravenna, Nebraska, and discount shopping coupons with downtown and Hilltop Mall merchants, then on Tuesday, attendees can (at their own expense) book a Spa Day at a local spa (up to a maximum of 7 at a time by appointment only).

New Business:

POAN Manual options were discussed and due to the increasing statutes we need to keep in the manual and the lack of additional space available, it was decided to try a larger 8.5 x 4.25 spiral bound with a soft cover (believe cardboard type) from Printing Plus in Lincoln. It appears that eliminating the 6 ring binders and using the spiral bound, replacing the manual each year may be a cost savings. President Hoaglund will touch base with the companies to verify prices, styles, etc.

Fund Raising: Angela Morehouse has been seeking donations, which would be put into a drawing, to be held at the conference.  In addition to the scholarships, this would provide MEMBERS with another opportunity to win a handgun or other items. Due to the limited time left prior to conference and the need to allow the membership to increase to gain access to the drawing, it will be scheduled for the October, 2016 Conference, instead of the 2015 Conference.

Board Position: John Headid has left his full time position with Fremont Police Dept. and at this time does not have the 15 years of continuous POAN Membership to be allowed to stay on the board as a retired officer. The board decided to bring possible changes in the POAN Board by-laws to the October general meeting of the membership to look into possible changes in the by-laws. On this same token, an NSA representative was visiting with us prior to our board meeting, expressed a desire on the behalf of some NSA members to be members of the POAN organization. Again this will be brought up at the October General Membership Meeting.

POAN Discussion page:  Brian brought up the NCJIS website has a POAN Discussion page, which is supposed to be operational. Brian asked us to try and get access and see if it works.

General Membership: Larry Koranda from NSA was present at NLETC before our meeting and asked if POAN had considered allowing NSA members be members of POAN, as a full member, rather than as an associate member, in case they would like to seek election to the board. The board felt that this should be presented to the entire POAN Membership before any action would be taken. It is unknown if any NSA Members would actually be interested in joining POAN at this point.

At approx. 1300 hr. Mark Hogue made a motion that the meeting be adjourned and 2nd by Ryan Dummer. The motion was passed and the meeting was adjourned.

After the meeting, the scholarship committee met to vote on the Hall of Fame Award, the Officer of the Year and the scholarship applications.

James R. Livingston (deceased) was nominated to the Hall of Fame.

I do not have the accurate information on the Officer of the Year, available to me at this time.
Ike will forward all those names to Bill Larsen.

Next Board Meeting:
The next POAN Board meeting will be schedule for October 4, 2015, at 1700 hr. YOUNES CONFERENCE CENTER~Ruby Room


Respectfully submitted:

Rich Hoaglund
Acting Secretary (under protest)



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