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JULY 15, 2014


MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Brian Jackson, Rich Hoaglund, Mark Hogue, Andy Backman, Shane Wimer, John Headid, Ryan Dummer Jim Peschong and Ike Brown.


President Brian Jackson called the meeting to order at 1105 hours.

MINUTES:  Minutes from the April 9, 2014 meeting were presented.  Mark Hogue made a motion to approve the minutes.  Rich Hoaglund provided a second.  Motion was approved by voice vote.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer’s report was presented.  Ike Brown made a motion to accept the report.  Andy Backman provided a second.  Motion was approved by voice vote.


  1.  Xentel:President Jackson indicated that no current contract has been signed.  Xentel has been sold.  Discussion occurred regarding exploring other options for generating income.  Ike Brown made a motion to research other options for fundraising.  Andy Backman provided a second.  Motion was approved by voice vote.
  2. Investment strategies: Discussion focused around POAN’s current funds and exploring other investment strategies.  Members were going to contact potential vendors and report back.
  3. POAN/NSA Conference: President Jackson reported on current status of speakers and topics. 
  4. NCJIS Discussion Group: President Jackson indicated he has contacted Mike Overton who indicated that it should not be a problem for NCJIS to host a discussion group for POAN on its website.


  1.  Legislative: President Jackson is done for the year.
  2. Membership: Shane Wimer, looking at NLETC Basic Academy, nothing else to report.
  3. Election: Mark Hogue was asking about positions up for election during the Conference.  They should be 2nd Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and two Board positions, depending upon the results for the other two positions.
  4. Training: Brian Jackson indicated that he was looking for other options.
  5. Retirement: Rich Hoaglund indicated that nothing new could be introduced, or discussed, until 2016.
  6. Fundraising: President Jackson had previously brought this up for discussion, see prior information.
  7. Website: Shane Wimer discussed the possibility of putting on a visitor counter and trying to determine where visitors might be going to on the website.
  8. By laws: nothing new to report.
  9. State Fair: Ryan Dummer indicated he would be contacting the Fair regarding costs, etc.  Discussion revolved around whether this is an option available for the future.
  10. Awards: Mark Hogue reported that there were 15 Scholarship applications; two Hall of Fame nominations and one Officer of the Year.
  11. NLEM: Bill Larsen said there was nothing new to report.

DONATION REQUESTS:  Based upon prior discussions donations will only be considered should a request be received.  It was decided that these requests would be reviewed for action during the April Board meetings.

President Jackson asked for any other business, or anything else for the good of the order, nothing was presented.

The next Board meeting will be October 5, 2014 during the Annual Conference in Kearney.

Mark Hogue made a motion to adjourn.  Shane Wimer provided a second.  Motion was approved by voice vote.

Meeting was adjourned at 1230 hours.

Respectfully submitted,

William H. Larsen