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JULY 14, 2016

PRESENT: Mark Hogue, Ike Brown, Shane Wimer, Rich Hoaglund, Jim Peschong, Steve Scott, Dennis Wagner, Brandon Lorenson, Ryan Dummer and Bill Larsen.


INVITED GUESTS: Becky Cutler, American Income Life
President Hogue called to meeting to order at 1100 hours.

MINUTES: Minutes from the April 7, 2016 meeting were presented. Ike Brown made a motion to approved the minutes as presented. Shane Wimer provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.
Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer's report was presented. Jim Peschong made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. Rich Hoaglund provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

  1. American Income Life: Becky Cutler presented information regarding a program from American Income Life which would provide a $2,000.00 Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy to POAN members at no cost to POAN or individual members. There are other options available through the company, which will be included in a mailer sent to the members, however there is no requirement to participate in those programs. Jim Peschong made a motion to approve the proposal from American Income Life.  Brian Jackson provided a second.  Motion was approved by voice vote. POAN Secretary/Treasurer and Administrative Assistant will be points of contact for American Income Life.
  2. Membership Update/Recruitment: Shane Wimer reported that there will be a prize for the member who gets the most new members during this year.
  3. Fundraising: Mark Hogue indicated he would check regarding some T-Shirts which were sent to review and report back to the Board.
  4. Scholarships: Discussion about changes made during the April meeting, no further changes will be made at this time.
  5. Old Handbook Covers (Blue Binders): Mark was going to inquire about plain inserts which could be used.
  6. Conference Update: Mark reported that almost everything has been finalized.
  7. LB1106: Jim reported on this bill regarding Civil Forfeitures in Nebraska.


  1. CJIS Discussion Link: There has been no usage. Will have it removed from the NCJIS site.
  2. Uniform Citations: Brian brought information regarding proposed changes to the Citations.  Brian requested that any concerns be sent to him to forward to the committee working on the revisions.

President Hogue asked for any other business, or anything else for the good of the order, nothing was presented.
Shane Wimer made a motion to adjourn. Rich Hoaglund provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.
Meeting was adjourned at 1225 Hours.

Respectfully submitted,

William H. Larsen




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