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P0AN Board of Director's Meeting
Grand Island, NE
July 13, 2017


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Ike Brown, Shane Wimer, Brandon Lorenson, Mark Hogue, Brian Jackson, Dennis Wagner, Forrest Siebken, Steve Scott, Bruce Felty and Bill Larsen.

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Rich Hoaglund.

President Brown called the meeting to order at 1110 hours.

MINUTES:  Minutes from the April 20, 2017 meeting were presented.  Brandon Lorenson made a motion to approve the minutes.  A second was provided by Mark Hogue.   Motion was approved by voice vote.

TREASURER’S REP0RT:  Treasurer’s report was presented.  Mark Hogue made a motion to accept the report.  Forrest Siebken provided a second.  Motion was approved by voice vote.

Committee Reports:

  1. Officer of the Year/Hall of Fame:  Brandon reported that the Committee will be reviewing applicants after the meeting.
  2. Conference Committee: President Brown reported the slots have all been filled up and the Vendor registration is ahead of last year.
  3. Fundraising:  President Brown had nothing new to report.


  1. Officer Terms:  Discussion occurred about exploring changing the length of term for each Officer Position on the Board.  No change was made.
  2. Constitution and Bylaw Changes:
    1. POAN Sponsorships.  Have handouts for the Business meeting with information about Sponsorship memberships.
    2. Discussion about allowing one, or two, Board positions to be filled from the Regular Memberships.
  3. Special Olympics Request:  A request was received from the Special Olympics for spot to speak to the Membership.  Discussion resulted in offering them a Vendor Booth for the Conference.
  4. The last CD was moved to the investment fund through Waddell and Reed.
  5. Michelle Raphael’s resignation:  Discussion occurred about Michelle’s resignation and seeking a replacement.  Interest seemed to be about evaluating duties and salary and advertising for a replacement.
  6. Next Generation 911:  President Brown mentioned this as a proposal exists to move local funds to the State to assist with this.  He suggested we should monitor this activity.

President Brown asked for any other new business, or anything for the good of the order.  Nothing was presented.
Mark Hogue made a motion to adjourn.  Brian Jackson provided a second.  Motion was approved by voice vote.
Meeting was adjourned at 1230 hours.

Respectfully submitted:

William H. Larsen


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