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APRIL 27, 2006

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mike Swain, Rick Carmichael, Kurt Bottorff, Bruce Felty, Ron Fisher, Jim Peschong, Andy Backman, Ed Burmood, Kim Christiansen, Andrea Towler and Bill Larsen.




President Swain called the meeting to order at 1100 hours


MINUTES: Bruce Felty mentioned a couple of items left off from the minutes sent out. Andrea Towler made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 26, 2006 meeting with the changes mentioned. Andy Backman provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote. Minutes were amended.


TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer's report was presented. Rick made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report. Jim Peschong provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.



A. POAN Dues: President Swain inquired about increasing the annual dues. After some discussion, it was decided to leave the dues the same.

B. Nebraska Law Enforcement Memorial Update: Bill Larsen reported that it appears progress is being made and there has been a tentative dedication date set of August 26, 2006 . (Information since received indicates the date will be later and no new date has yet been set.)

C. Update on Retirement Bill: Kim Christiansen and Andy Backman reported that nothing was moving in the Legislature and it appears that nothing was going to occur until the next legislative session. They also indicated that the surveys which had been sent out were not being responded to very well.

D. Fund raising: There has been no new information since the new contract has been signed for the new fundraising program—concerts. The weekly checks are still coming in. (Since the meeting, the first concert has been scheduled for Kearney , Nebraska )

E. PCAN's change to membership requirements: PCAN removed the requirement of being a POAN member to be a PCAN member from its Constitution and By-Laws. Questions had arisen from the POAN Board about their participation in the POAN/NSA Annual Conference. Chief Mullen, Fremont PD, responded that there was no intention to pull PCAN away from POAN, but the main intention was to clean up their membership requirements, since the POAN membership requirement was not being enforced.

F. LB 72: Information regarding this bill has been sent out since the last Board meeting inquiring about POAN's stance. This bill involves licensing of Security Personnel. An amendment was attached which would prohibit Law Enforcement personnel from wearing the uniform, or using equipment, from their agency/department, in working off duty. An e-mail vote of the Board opposed this legislation as currently worded. This occurred approximately February 21, 2006 .

G. Eagle Scout project: a request was received from a Lee Holzerland, of Fremont , NE asking for support for his Eagle Scout project. This project involved moving a flagpole and putting a monument in the old location to honor the sacrifice and memory of Law Enforcement officers everywhere. This communication resulted in a motion by Kurt Bottorff to contribute $200.00 to this project. Andrea Towler provided a second. A vote was taken via e-mail which resulted in the motion being approved.



A. Ron Fisher's resignation and replacement: President Swain reported that Ron Fisher advised him approximately March 1, 2006 that he has left Law Enforcement for private sector employment and would have to vacate his Board position. President Swain indicated that after exploring several options he was going to recommend that Ike Brown,

Chief in McCook to fill Ron's vacancy. Vote of the Board, via e-mail, resulted in this recommendation being approved on March 9, 2006 .

B. Special Olympics Donation: Jim Peschong reported he had received a communication from Col. Tuma regarding POAN's support of the Special Olympics Torch run. This has previously been approved by the Board, along with some other annual donations to causes.

C. Essay Contest: Andrea Towler presented the top essays from each region to the Board for review and to determine the Grand Prize winning essay. This review had the following results for the Essay Contest:

Grand Prize Winner: Rachel Meyer

Region I:

First Place: Chris Yant

Second Place: Bailey Florom

Third Place: Rachel Horrocks


Region II:

First Place: Joel Phillippi

Second Place: Katie Karr

Third Place: Natalie Hanisch


Region III:

First Place: Beth Milan

Second Place: Kari Schmitz

Third Place: Jordan Ruskamp


Region IV:

First Place: Brianne Peterson

Second Place: Sarah Jackson

Third Place: Jake Foresman


D. Update on convention: President Swain. President Swain reported that plans are moving forward. He indicated that he was looking at a registration gift and was being asked by the vendor for a payment, or the order would be canceled, he thought the convention fees would cover the costs of the gift but was wondering if POAN would agree to pay for the gifts up front to be reimbursed after fees were received. Rick Carmichael made a motion to pay the bill up front to be reimbursed from the convention committee. Kim Christiansen provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

President Swain also reported that Union Pacific RR was going to provide a passenger train to leave Omaha and follow its tracks to North Platte , stopping in various communities along the way picking up passengers and providing a shuttle from the former Depot in North Platte to the convention site. UPRR would then provide the same service on Wednesday returning to Omaha . President Swain indicated that UPRR was going to foot the bill for this transportation.

D. PCAN's decision on POAN membership: See earlier notes about this item.

E. LECC: President Swain reported he had been contacted by the President of PCAN and he has requested to meet with representatives of POAN and NSA during the LECC meeting May 17-19, 2006 .

F. PCAN: President Swain indicated that one item mentioned during the previous discussion was about creating a non-voting position on each of the three organizations boards.

G. NLETC graduation photos: Bruce Felty inquired about getting the graduation photos so they can be posted on the website. Arrangements have been made with NLETC, Dave Harnly, to get the photos for posting.

H. Eagle Scout Project: Kurt Bottorff reported that flag pole has been moved.

I. Meth Advisory Board and drug funding: President Swain and First Vice-President Carmichael brought up these issues and indicated that there would be more information forthcoming.


President Swain asked for any other New Business, or anything for the good of the order. Nothing was presented. He advised the next meeting would be July 27, 2006 at NLETC.


Bruce Felty made a motion to adjourn. Rick Carmichael provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.


Meeting was adjourned at 1300 hours.


Respectfully submitted,


William H. Larsen



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