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APRIL 26th, 2013

Present : Andy Backman, Jim Peschong, Brian Jackson, Shane Wimer, Kim Christensen, Herb Evers, Rich Hoagland.

Members Absent
: Kurt Bottorff, Ike Brown, Mark Hogue, Bill Larsen

Minutes from the January 23 rd, 2013 were presented. Motion made by Jim Peschong to accept the minutes, Rich Hoagland provided a second. There was no discussion. The motion was approved by voice vote.

Treasurer's Report:
Treasurers report was presented. The report was passed on to the board by Brian Jackson who was provided the documentation by Bill Larsen. Motion made by Jim Peschong to accept the treasurer's report, Shane Wimer provided a second. There was no discussion. The motion was approved by voice vote.

Old Business:

1. Xentel. Andy Backman presented information regarding a contract between POAN and Xentel Inc. for phone solicitation. Backman has been advised Xentel will carry the expense associated with credit cards and pay POAN 15% of solicitation. Motion made by Peschong to enter into a 1 year contract with Xentel, Shane Wimer provided the 2 nd . Discussion to make sure the contract reads clearly of the responsibilities of both parties including the agreement for Xentel to cover the credit card expense. The motion was approved by voice vote.
2. Gun raffle. Andy Backman informed the board that the Nebraska Sheriff's Association plan on conducting another 52 week gun raffle. The desire to find alternative fund raising opportunities was discussed. No action beyond discussion.
3. Educational classes. Brian Jackson discussed training opportunities that could be sponsored by POAN to provide benefits to the membership as well as generate new members. No action beyond discussion.

New Business:
1. Legislative Bills. Several legislative bill were discussed. No action was taken beyond discussion.
2. Melanie Bailey. An update was provided on MB Solutions by Andy Backman. Melanie has agreed to accept her contractual percentage only on monies collected. Initial payment during the conference and then on funds collected on funds remaining following. Outstanding funds from 2012 can be reduced from her 2013 payment. Statements have been sent out on any remaining 2012 bills. No action beyond discussion
3. 2013 Conference. President Backman provided an update on the 2013 POAN/NSA conference in October. No action beyond discussion
4. Credit Card. Brian Jackson discussed the potential of obtaining the ability for the Association to accept payment for dues and related purchases via credit card. There is a cost to POAN to accept credit cards found in a percentage of the transaction. There is movement to test this capability during the 2013 POAN/NSA conference in October. The results of the conference may provide more information on the value of accepting credit cards. No action beyond discussion.
5. Donation Special Olympics. Discussion on donations provided to various groups by POAN. Special Olympics is believed to have been written into POAN by-laws for yearly donation not necessitating a vote. A request for Bill Larsen to advise POAN's expenses on annual donations be made. It is believed the Association provides Make-a-Wish $1000 a year, Victim Witness Services $750 a year, and Special Olympics $5000 per year. A suggestion that a letter be generated with the next donation advising these organizations that our funding may be reduced or eliminated in the future. No action beyond discussion.
6. Protect our Children Conference. Protect our Children Conference/Project Harmony was discussed. No action beyond discussion.

President Backman opened the floor for any other business or anything else for the good of the order.
1. Dues. A discussion on dues was made. Motion by Peschong to increase yearly dues to $15 from the current $10. Brian Jackson provided the 2 nd . Discussion on the need to expand income with the reduction of phone solicitation funding or reduce expenditures. Dues have remained unchanged for decades. Alternative income opportunities were also discussed. The motion was approved by voice vote. It was recommended that a letter be generated from the president, to be sent with dues notices on why the dues were increased.
2. The board was presented a thank you card from Lisa Clarke the wife of John Clarke who passed earlier in 2013. The Clarke family wished to express their gratitude for the support and memorial provided by POAN. No action taken.
3. Software update. A motion was made by Brian Jackson to spend up to $350 to update the Association's version of Quickbooks to the most current version. Rich Hoagland provided a 2 nd . There was no discussion. The motion was approved by voice vote. Next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, July 17 th , 1200 hours at the NLETC Grand Island. (NOTE changed to July 24 th , 1100 hours)
Move to close by Herb Evers, 2 nd by Rich Hoagland Meeting adjourned by voice vote.

(Minutes by Brian Jackson)


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