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575 S. 10TH STREET
APRIL 9, 2014


MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Brian Jackson, Rich Hoaglund, Mark Hogue, Ryan Dummer,  Shane Wimer, John Headid, Steve Scott, Jim Peschong, Ike Brown and Bill Larsen.
MEMBERS ABSENT:  Andy Backman.
President Jackson called the meeting to order at 1035.
MINUTES:  Minutes from the January 30, 2014 meeting were presented.  Shane Wimer made a motion to approve the minutes as presented.  Mark Hogue provided a second.  Motion was approved by voice vote.
TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer’s report was presented.  Shane Wimer made a motion to accept the report.  Rich Hoaglund provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

  1. Xentel: President Jackson reported that Judy Baca, Xentel reported that they have done no solicitations for POAN in 2013 as no contract has been received.  Ike Brown made a motion for President Jackson to enter into a one year contract with Xentel to raise funds for POAN at an 85/15 split, with 15% going to POAN.  Shane Wimer provided a second.  Motion was approved by voice vote.
  2. Legislative Update:  President Jackson reported that Corey O’Brien made a presentation possible upcoming issues. Discussion occurred about LB 2504 and LB 1099.  Further discussion is expected during the US Attorney’s Office’s LECC in Kearney during its May Conference.  Discussion also occurred regarding readdressing Retirement issues sometime in the future.
  3. 2014 POAN/NSA Conference:  President Jackson reported that most things are getting finalized.  Kevin Gilmartin will be the featured speaker and Les Kerr will be presenting on Human Trafficking, a couple of other topics are being explored, but not confirmed.  More information should be available at the next Board Meeting.  The application forms for the two POAN Scholarships to the Annual Conference are available on our website:


  1.  Committee Chairs:
    1. Membership: Shane Wimer only had an inquiry regarding Fremont PD member, Glenn Still.
    2. Election Committee: Rich Hoaglund had nothing to report.
    3. Retirement: Rich Hoaglund, nothing until at least 2016.
    4. Website: Shane Wimer, discussion about Death Benefit Updates and amount of the Benefit.
    5. Awards Committee-Mark Hogue, nothing at this time.
    6. Training: discussion occurred regarding taking Under 100 around the State.
  2. Donations were discussed and questions about letters being sent to prior charities and informing them that we would not be responding for donations unless a specific request was made.  Since Past President Backman was not present no one knew if the letters were sent.
  3. NCJIS:  Discussion occurred about getting POAN listed as a Discussion Group on its website.
  4. Investment Strategies:  President Jackson asked for anyone who had any ideas about possible investment strategies to bring something to the July meeting

President Jackson asked for any other business, or anything else for the good of the order.  Nothing else was presented.

The next Board meeting will be July 16, 2014 at 1030 hours at the NLETC.
Shane Wimer made a motion to adjourn.  Mark Hogue provided a second.  Motion was approved by voice vote.
Meeting was adjourned at 1205 hours.

Respectfully submitted

William H. Larsen




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