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1-22-15 1100 HR
Grand Island, NE

The POAN Board of Directors met on Thursday, 1-22-15, at 1100 hr. at NLETC/ Library. Board members present were Jim Peschong, Brian Jackson, Angela Morehouse, Bruce Felty, Mark Hogue, Shane Wimer, Ryan Dummer, Steve Scott, and Rich Hoaglund.

Members absent were Ike Brown, John Headid and OBVIOUSLY Bill Larsen.

The meeting was called to order at approx. 1105 hr. Rich Hoaglund provided all members present with a copy of the October 5, 2014 and October 8, 2014 minutes. After review, Shane Wimer made a motion to accept the minutes as “read”, 2nd from Jim Peschong, no discussion and the vote was unanimous to pass the minutes as read. As Bill Larsen was unable to attend, Brian Jackson passed around copies of the financial status, and there was no vote on the treasurers report.

Old Business:
Brian Jackson provided an overview of the 2014 POAN/NSA Conference, advising that all of the vendor fees were not yet collected and MB Solutions had not been paid yet, either. The 20 hour training format appeared to be very well attended and our goal for the upcoming year is to continue to offer the 20 hr. of training. Other goals Brian addressed was keeping the cost low for the conference and increasing attendance.

New Business:
Dennis Duckworth with Waddell & Reed made a presentation to the board on how his firm would invest approximately $290,000 from the POAN bank accounts to try and increase the return of investment on these funds above the very low interest received from CD accounts. He provided a diverse portfolio and after discussion and some clarification on types of accounts, he left at approx. 1135 hr. to allow the board to discuss our options. Dennis recommended up to 6 mutual fund accounts, varying contributions to each based on risk. Dennis advised that if we decided to invest with his firm, he would ask for a letter head letter, providing a board resolution to set up the investment and who would be responsible for adjustments or withdrawals of the funds.
After discussion, Shane Wimer provided a motion to invest the amount of approximately $290,000 (value based on soon to be expiring CD’s) in an unspecified investment firm. Mark Hogue provided a 2nd to the motion. Jim Peschong clarified the motion with Shane, to reflect that a 2nd motion would be entertained as to specifying a particular investment firm (separate from the original motion). The board voted unanimously and approved the motion. After discussion, it was determined that a committee (finance) which I had failed to enumerate when I appointed committees would be formed and Rich Hoaglund advised that the “Finance/Investment Committee” would consist of the Past President, President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President and Secretary Treasurer. Rich Hoaglund will send out an amended committee assignment to reflect this change.

Legislative LB’s:
Discussion was brought about in regards to LB14, which the board agreed could be beneficial to law enforcement, the “toy gun law”.
LB 30, which the board may wish to oppose as written.
After discussing other bills, we felt we didn’t have enough clear information into many bills that were being introduced as to their potential to be passed onto the floor, amended, etc. and it was decided that since PCAN would be meeting in the next week, and providing a list of legislation they were opposing or approving, that when the list was obtained we would circulate it to the board and address it in the April Meeting.

Rich Hoaglund advised the board reference a recent meeting in Lincoln, where presenters from the Eyewitness Identification Model Policy was addressed and the presenters were attempting to get the Police/ Sheriff/ Chiefs/ NSP/ NLETC/ Crime Commission, and other misc. agencies to adopt the Eye Witness Identification Model. Lincoln Police already have adopted the model and find it to be not intrusive or costly at all and is well received by their officers. All board members were provided with a copy of the Model Policy and Rich Hoaglund requested board action on whether to provide support or endorsement to the policy. Shane Wimer provided a motion to endorse the Eyewitness Identification Model Policy, 2nd by Ryan Dummer. No discussion was brought forth and the board voted unanimously to approve the motion. Rich Hoaglund will provide the letter of endorsement. Jim Peschong also suggested that the Model Policy be posted to our web page so that it would be accessible to any agency. Rich Hoaglund will forward a copy to Michelle to have posted to our web site.

Fund Raising:
Angela Morehouse brought up modernizing our web site, adding articles, advertisements, etc. Angela also advised that Facebook had over 500 friends and encouraged members to promote that further. The maintenance or update of a modernized web site was brought out, no clear solution as to who would handle those responsibilities. Bruce Felty brought up an idea to have articles or discussion available to only sworn officers on that portion of the site to provide specific case information, suspect photos, videos, etc.
Recruiting new officers was discussed with a possible conjunction to a gun give away, in which a member who recruited 5 new members would be given a ticket to the give away. One ticket for each 5 new recruits, etc. Discussion was held as to what type of gun and the value vs. the income from the 1st year would be negligent due to the free 1st year membership. Adding the “recruiting” or “sponsoring” officer on the enrollment application would be necessary to keep tracking accurate. No motion to proceed further.
Angela also advised that a car dealership had provided a Harley M/C for a Fire Department raffle, free of charge, as a fund raiser. Some discussion was held as to any particular dealership to approach, no solutions offered or motioned on.

POAN Handbook covers:
Rich Hoaglund read the e-mail he received from Michelle in regards to Ron Caples providing possible options to help alleviate the covers being too small for the inserts. Ron provided an option for a 7” longer and thinner cover, which would slim down the handbook, but still be of a size to put into a pocket, or a possible app which could be downloaded to an MDT or a smart phone.
Jim Peschong advised that he always uses the handbook directly from the POAN Website. Several board members regularly get the handbooks, inserts, etc. but few actually carry them on their person, many only in a briefcase or in their office. Using the electronic version vs. the physical handbook may be the “paperless” way to handle the situation in the future.

Rich Hoaglund brought up discussion on the FirstNet conference which is being held in Kearney in March 18 and 19th, 2015. There is a potential grant available to fund the officers conference fees as well as lodging and meal.2015

Rich Hoaglund requested ideas for speakers, presenters, etc. for the upcoming conference. Rich provided information that Homeland Security / TSA has an explosives expert available to do training for individual departments, or possibly for the conference, which could be provided free of charge.
Jim Peschong suggested that Rich forward a request to the State Attorney General to come and address the Conference on opening day. Rich will get that letter created and went out. 20 hour training curriculum for the conference was a success and our goal will be to provide the same amount of training time at the 2014 Conference.

Next Board Meeting:
The next POAN Board meeting will be schedule for April 22, 2015, at 1100 hr. NLETC

Respectfully submitted:

Rich Hoaglund
Acting Secretary (under protest)


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