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OCTOBER 3, 2004

Members present: Jim Peschong, Andrea Towler, Mike Swain, Bruce Felty, Byron Patterson, Rick Carmichael, Steve Reeves, Kurt Bottorff, Ron Fisher, Dwight Livingston and Bill Larsen.

Members absent: None.

President Peschong called the meeting to order at 1510 hours.

Minutes: Minutes from the June 24, 2004 meeting were reviewed. Andrea Towler made a motion to approve the minutes. Ron Fisher provided a second. Motion was approved by a voice vote.

Treasurer's report: Financial report was presented. Kurt Bottorff made a motion to approve the Treasurer's report. Rick Carmichael provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.


•  Letter received from Col. Nesbitt requesting support for DNA funding to facilitate “Cold Case” investigations.

•  Letter was received from a Ron Brown requesting support for changes to a “disposition form”. It was suggested to refer him to the CJIS group.

•  Letter received from Col. Nesbitt thanking POAN for its support of the Special Olympics.

•  Letter received from Allen Curtis requesting a meeting during the conference regarding Block Grants.


Committee Reports:

•  Election Committee: Positions available are two Board seats, Byron Patterson and Steve Reeves, a Second Vice-President and the Secretary-Treasurer. Committee consists of Mike Swain, Rick Carmichael and Kurt Bottorff.

•  POAN Magazine: Questions concerning the future status of the Magazine. Bob Callan has indicated that his company would put together a Spring, 2005 Magazine, but indicated they would not be compiling any future issues as POAN has elected to not continue fund raising with his other company. Considerable discussion has been occurring regarding the Magazine. It was felt that the website development would provide a better resource for sharing information with the Membership in a more timely fashion. This will continue to be evaluated. Bruce Felty reported the deadline for the spring issue of the Magazine would be in January, 2005.

•  Awards Committee: Mike Swain reported the following awards to be presented during the Awards Banquet:

•  Officer of the Year: John A. Schakat, Hastings PD.

•  Hall of Fame: Chief Timothy L. Dempsey, Elkhorn PD.

•  Past President: Dwight Livingston, North Platte PD

•  President's Award: President Peschong presented tokens of his appreciation to each of the Board Members for their assistance during the past year.

•  State Fair: Ron Fisher reported things went well. There were 20 members who volunteered to help during the Fair. Planning has started for next year's Fair, however the November election will determine the future of the Fair.

•  Membership: Andrea presented information for discussion about offering new academy graduates one year of membership free. No decision was made.

•  Convention: Jim Peschong reported things are in place. He also indicated that Senator Nelson would be stopping by a meeting room at approximately 1830 to discuss legislative issues. Jim also presented information from the AFIS advisory board regarding upgrading and maintenance of an improved system.



•  PSC contract. We will not be renewing with PSC, November 1, 2004 the new fund raiser, Midwest Response, Inc., will be starting.

•  POAN website. President Peschong has met with three different vendors who each submitted a proposal to develop a website. President Peschong also reported that he had done some checking and found that would be available as a domain. Mike Swain made a motion to go with the proposal submitted by Donovan Beery for website development and also pursue the domain of Byron Patterson provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

•  POAN logo. Have still been working on the digitizing of the logo.

•  Shirts. Ron Fisher is still working with the vendor on an agreement for ordering.

•  Trademark application. This process has been completed with the Nebraska Secretary of State.

•  Scholarships. There will be five scholarships drawn during the Business meeting; each will be worth $1000.00. Two will be awarded to attendees at the business meeting. Three will be drawn from the general membership.



•  Midwest Response, Inc. President Peschong reported he has a new signed contract in hand for the next three years fundraising. POAN will be receiving $1442.30 per week.

President Peschong asked for any other new business, or anything else for the good of the order. Nothing was presented.

Byron Patterson made a motion to adjourn. Bruce Felty provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote. Meeting adjourned at 1645 hours.

Respectfully submitted,


William H. Larsen



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