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APRIL 14, 2005

MEMBERS PRESENT: Andrea Towler, Mike Swain, Jim Peschong, Ed Burmood, Kurt Bottorff, Kim Christensen, Andy Backman, Bruce Felty and Bill Larsen

MEMBERS ABSENT: Rick Carmichael and Ron Fisher.

President Towler called the meeting to order at 1305 hours.


MINUTES: Minutes from the January 27, 2005 meeting were reviewed. One spelling change was made. Jim Peschong made a motion to approve the minutes as amended and a second was provided by Ed Burmood. Motion was approved by voice vote.


TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer's report was presented. Kurt Bottorff mad a motion to accept the report. Jim Peschong provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.



•  A letter was received from Loree Zach requesting support from POAN for a fund raiser for Survivors of Law Enforcement Suicide (SOLES). Kurt Bottorff made a motion to contribute $250.00 and Andy Backman provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.



•  Legislative: Andrea thanked Jim Peschong for his assistance with legislative issues. Concealed Carry Weapons Bill has received much attention and was eventually held over until next year. Retirement bills 710 and 711 are still in committee, it is anticipated they will not move out this year. A comment was received from a member of FOP for a meeting with POAN regarding legislative issues. Discussion resulted in leaving legislative issues to the group of people from various organizations to continue meeting.

•  Midwest Response: An inquiry was received from a member regarding the script being used. The script was reviewed and it was felt by the Board it did not properly represent POAN. A copy of the previous script was sent with a recommendation to become more professional sounding.

•  State Fair: Ron Fisher was absent so no report was presented.

•  Membership: Rick Carmichael was absent, but advised he contacted the NLETC regarding POAN providing one year's membership to all new graduates.

•  Bylaws: Nothing new to report.

•  Website: Discussion occurred about continued use of the clipping service and using the website for a newsletter. Nothing was decided, except to look into both issues with the designer. Discussion also occurred about putting photographs of all graduating classes on the website.

•  2005 Conference: Andrea reported that things are moving along. The dates are October 30-31 and November 1-2, 2005 at the Holiday Inn Midtown, Grand Island , Nebraska .

•  Essay Contest: President Towler reported that 90 entries were received. She presented the top selection from each region to the Board for their review and to select the Grand Prize Winner. The results are as follows:

•  Grand Prize Winner:

• i. Wilda Hruby, Loup County Public Schools, $500.00

•  District One:

• i. First Place-Mandy Simants, Maxwell Public Schools , $300.00

• ii. Second Place -Yanci Aldana, Lexington Middle School , $200.00

• iii. Third Place-Caitlin Sullivan, North Platte St. Patrick's Junior High, $100.00

•  District Two:

• i. First Place-Shelby Jungclaus, Crofton High School , $300.00

• ii. Second Place-Jacob Spotanski, Loup County Public Schools, $200.00

• iii. Third Place -Breanna Chase, Crofton High School , $100.00

•  District Three:

• i. First Place-Megan Kassmeier, Fremont Archbishop Bergan, $300.00

• ii. Second Place-Nick Manes, Fremont Archbishop Bergan, $200.00

• iii. Third Place -Nichelle Geis, Centennial Public Schools , $100.00

•  District Four:

• i. First Place-Greg Stevens, St. John the Baptist, Plattsmouth, $300.00

• ii. Second Place-Jessica Hofker, Waverly Middle School, $200.00

• iii. Third Place-Krystal Fessler, Waverly Middle School, $100.00



Nebraska Law Enforcement Memorial—Bill Larsen reported that the committee has scaled back on the design and are planning on getting the memorial started and completed by the end of 2005.



Jim Peschong presented an inquiry about providing alcohol to be used in DWI training certification. Discussion resulted in no support for using POAN funds for this purpose.

President Towler asked for any other business, or anything for the good of the order. Noting was presented.

Bruce Felty made a motion to adjourn. Andy Backman provided a second. Motion approved by voice vote.

Meeting was adjourned at 1450 hours.


Respectfully submitted,

William H. Larsen



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