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JANUARY 27, 2005

MEMBERS PRESENT: Andrea Towler, Jim Peschong, Mike Swain, Rick Carmichael, Bruce Felty, Ron Fisher, Kim Christensen, Ed Burmood, Andy Backman and Bill Larsen.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Kurt Bottorff.

INVITED GUESTS: Chief Larry Thoren, Hastings PD.

President Towler called the meeting to order at 1305 hours.

MINUTES: Rick Carmichael made a motion to approve the minutes from the October 3 and October 6, 2004 meetings. Jim Peschong provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer's report was presented. Mike Swain made a motion to accept the report. Andy Backman provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.



1. Special Olympics Torch Run. Letter was received from Col. Nesbitt thanking POAN for its previous support and hoping the support would continue.

2. Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee. Joe Jeanetti requesting nominations for awards at the upcoming conference.

3. A letter was received from the SCAN group requesting POAN's support on upcoming issues.

4. A letter was received from the American Legion advising of some of its awards.

5. A request was received from the Law Enforcement Memorial Fund requesting a membership database listing which could be used for a one time feasibility study being conducted regarding fund raising issues. Much discussion occurred regarding giving up this type of listing to anyone. Jim Peschong made a motion to not give up the POAN membership database to anyone outside of POAN. Rick Carmichael provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

6. Steve Lamken made a request for POAN's support of LB115. (See legislative issues)

7. Bob McAtee sent a letter requesting a letter from POAN for a recognition he was putting together for Don Martin.

8. Senator Ben Nelson sent a thank-you for POAN's assistance in getting law enforcement together prior to the Conference for him to meet with.

9. Owen Yardley, Chief of Police for UNLPD, made a request for support for some law enforcement management training through the University.

10. Senator Schimek also made a request for POAN's support of LP181. (See legislative issues)



1. Legislative. Chief Thoren presented information concerning legislative bills which have been introduced for the current legislative session. The Board's stance on the various issues has been posted on the website.

2. Fund Raising. A/C Peschong reported that Midwest Response is up and running and income is coming is as set forth in the contract.

3. Essay Contest. President Towler reported that new brochures and materials have been printed up and mailed out.

4. State Fair. Ron Fisher reported that meetings will start in February.

5. Membership. Rick Carmichael had nothing to report. Discussion occurred regarding providing membership for all new officers for their first year. Jim Peschong made a motion to provide one year membership in POAN to new officers. Bruce Felty provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote.

6. Website. Jim Peschong reported that it is up and running and requested any comments from the Board or anyone they heard from.

7. Bylaws. Nothing new.

8. 2005 Conference. President Towler reported that because of some scheduling issues, the dates will be October 30-31 and November 1-2. Mike Swain reported that the dates for the 2006 Conference have been set for September 24-27, 2006 in North Platte .

9. Jim Peschong reported about some federal legislation, H.R. 218, regarding concealed carry by law enforcement, active and retired. He has posted some information on the website.

10. Jim Peschong also reported on the Governor's Children's Task Force. POAN has representation on this committee.



Nothing was presented which has not been mentioned above.



1. We will need to be ordering new handbook covers. Bob Stephens, Assoc. will provide them at the same cost as the last time we ordered, which was in 2000.

President Towler asked for any other new business, or anything else for the good of the order. Nothing was presented.

Jim Peschong made a motion to adjourn. Rick Carmichael provided a second. Motion was approved by voice vote. Meeting was adjourned at 1625.


Respectfully submitted,

William H. Larsen



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